About us

At Rigel Kentaurus we create healthy spaces in a privileged environment in the Spanish Mediterranean for people to enjoy. The environmental protection and the energetic efficiency are the fundamental pillars on which our construction is based.

Our values Our values

At Rigel Kentaurus, we know that professional and responsible management is the best guarantee of not disappointing our customers' trust and these values have led us to position ourselves as a serious, reliable, quality product development company, which consistently responds to the expectations and illusions placed on us.

Legal information Legal information

All our homes comply with the Spanish Building Law.

All our homes have an insurance policy for ten years (ten-year insurance) that guarantees the damages or defects that may arise in the building.

Commitment to the environment Commitment to the environment

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency are the two fundamental pillars on which the construction of our homes is based.

Location, Orientation, Lighting, Solar Use and Integration with the Environment are the characteristics that differentiate our developments from the rest and that we carefully study from the beginning.