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Nuestros valores
Nuestros valores
Nuestros valores
  • All our housing obeying the Spanish Edification Law. In addition, the properties are insured with a ten years of duration that warrant the damages or defects that could appear on the edification.

    Nevertheless, our company in collaboration with insurance companies, has created control system during the building process, which main aim is to warrant the quality of the housing in the present and future.

  • The purchase of the property and all the necessary public documents are carried out through an official public deed in presence of a notary. This deed will be deposit in the Spanish Property Register in order to the purchaser appears officially as a legitimate owner of the property.

  • Rigel Kentaurus under no circumstances sells information about its clients to third parties nor transfer any information of their data.


Rigel Kentaurus S.L. has been the beneficiary of a €200,000 subsidy from HELP RESIST PLAN PLUS granted by the Generalidad Valenciana through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model and aimed at supporting business solvency.

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